Unravel 2011

Unravel Festival of Knitting 26th-27th Feb 2011 Farnham Maltings

Monday, 24 January 2011

Knit one, knit one

Just getting some rows done on my bag base, on my new circular needle, and I'm struck by how much I cannot stand garter stitch! It's so boring - perfect for watching TV with, but not so great when you're on lunch, at work, and you can't wait until your piece is big enough to start knitting in the round, in a lovely, exciting lace pattern... It's driving me mad!

But I will get my head down, once this piece is 7" square I am planning to pick up stitches on all edges and join on my circular (possibly the longer one, may have underestimated the size of this bag! Oops...)

Only 85% to go...

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