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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

A Whole Day Off, A Train Ride, No Knitting

Yup. No kniiting has occurred in my vicinity today. It's a rare occurrence, especially since I've had a day off!

Other things that haven't happened today, compared with what actually happened instead:

Doing laundry/Sitting on bum
Doing washing up/Sitting on bum
Vacuuming/Sitting on bum
Healthy food consumption/Subway

It was an all round fail day, though I did bump into Katy who is headed to Australia tomorrow for at least a year, and gave her the book I bought her for the flight. It's a fave, kids book called Beyond the Deepwoods, the first book in the Edge Chronicles series. They're so full of fancy and it's a whole new world to explore, much in the vein of Pratchett or Rowling. I can only recommend them repeatedly! READ THEM.

I have tried reading and knitting at the same time by the way... Not advisable really, lots of dropped stitches occurred...

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